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Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

Kerala is a tremendous traveler’s destination, where nature has scattered enormous natural beauty and above all the numerous ancient temples that make the state a divine places to visit. The alluring Elysian temples of the state will surely redefine your psyche and soul and will extenuate in right direction. These temples are devoted to different Hindu God and Goddess, portraying the distinct architectural masterpieces.

Kerala tours come to be more exceptional because of its aged and prestigious temples that must be seen and appreciated for their exceptional and unique architecture. Kerala is well known for its natural gloriousness and in addition its ancient/aged temples. They are enriched with a background that is both cultural and conventional in its nature. The state of Kerala has a numerous number of temples. Temples of Kerala save its rich and fascinating culture.

Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple 1

One of the most famous temples in Kerala is the Chottanikkara bhagavathyTemple. Chottanikkara bhagavathy temple is spotted in Kochi in Ernakulam district. Raja Rajeshwari or the Chottanikkara devi is the divinity here and exist in three structures specifically Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Durga. In the morning Saraswathi is worn white colored dress, Lakshmi is wrapped in red shade at noon and Durga is made to wear blue color dress in the evening time. There are symbols of Lord Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Ganapathy, Subrahmaniya and Shastha.

This temple is extremely popular for having supernatural powers for healing mental disorders. Mainly devotees from lower caste visit this temple with the belief that they are controlled by a few spirits, they might be cured. The persons who come with mental cases get cured; it may be either because of their confidence or the temple environment. It is the chief priest who performs this ritual. He enters into a discussion with the patient and afterward requests the spirit to get out from the patient’s body. There is a Paala tree in the temple premise on which iron nails are hammered which indicates that the spirit had escaped from the patient’s body. The ceremonies that are performed here are everything identified with driving the spirits. The really popular ritual is the ‘guruthi Pooja’ which should not be missed. The offerings made to the goddess includes Neem leaves, lime fruits etc which are taken which are taken home and hung at the corner of the house. This is believed to head out any detestable spirits.

Chottanikkara - The famous aalmaram with nails

The main festival conducted here is the ‘chottanikara Makam thozhal’ which is held in the Malayalam month Kumbham. It is believed that the goddess has given darshan to Vilwamangalam on the Makam day and that she might give darshan to all the devotees also on that day every year. Never miss to visit this famous Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple of Kerala. Some other celebration about here might be the Thiruvonam feast conducted to all the devotees in the Malayalam month Chingam, Navarathri Agosham held in the Malayalam month Kanni, Vrishchika Mandala mahotsavam held throughout the Mandalam season in the Malayalam month Vrishchikam and the Ramayana masam festivals.


Sabarimala – The Holy Pilgrimage

sabarimala temple

Kerala tours come to be more extraordinary because of its ancient and prestigious temples that must be seen and respected for their interesting unique architectures. Kerala is famous for its characteristic heavenliness and also its old temples. They are enriched with a background that is both cultural and conventional in its nature. The state of Kerala has a large number of temples. Temples of Kerala conserve its rich and extraordinary culture.  . Kerala is well known to be a sacred land. This place is of special importance due to of its temples.

sabarimala temple

One of the most famous temples in Kerala is the Sabarimala temple. Sabarimala is a standout amongst the most significant and busiest pilgrimage spots in India. The shrine attracts an enormous number of devotees in its three month pilgrimage journey season. Sastha or Dharmasastha is a divinity who has been traditionally worshipped as a protector in numerous regions of Southern India. Sastha is believed to be the child of Shiva and Vishnu, the destroyer and protector respectively of the Hindu Trinity.

sabarimala temple

Sabarimala is the biggest annual pilgrimage in the world. Each year, no less than 40-50 million devotees irrespective of caste, creed and position and position comes here and pay their regard to Lord Ayyappa. When going to this temple, certain traditions must be strictly watched by the explorers. A traveler going to the Mandalapooja might as well watch severities for 41 days. Throughout this period, the pilgrim may as well avoid himself from non vegetarian food and carnal pleasures. The famous temples in Kerala are worth to visit.

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Huge numbers of devotees are situated out in different groups. Each group has a guide who leads them to the temple. Every devotee carries a cloth bundle called Irumudi Kettu comprises of traditional offerings. This temple has an extraordinary feature. It has no restrictions of caste and creed Males of all age groups can visit temple but the females between the age group of 10 to 50 are not permitted to enter the temple.

The temple is open for worship throughout the times of Mandalapooja (Approximately November 15 to December 26), Makaravilakku (January 14-“Makara Sankranti”) and Vishu (April 14), and the first five days of every Malayalam month. The temple is most crowded during these times.