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The Famous Guruvayur Temple in Kerala

Guruvayoor temple

Guruvayur is a charming tourist destination of Kerala. Found in the Thrissur region, Guruvayur is a minor however delightful town. Steeped in sheer mythological significance, this tourist destination is a well known pilgrimage centre of South India. Tourists and devotees come here from each and every corner of the world. It is otherwise called the Dwarka of South. Its history goes back to the period of Mahabharata. The pilgrimage tour to Guruvayur beckons you for a spiritual experience.

Guruvayoor temple 1

The most acclaimed fascination of Guruvayur is Sree Krishna or Guruvayur Temple. This spot is otherwise called Bhooloka Vaikuntha which denotes the heavenly residence Lord Vishnu on Earth. This place of worship is exceedingly loved by Hindus. As per the legend the idol of Lord Krishna honored in the primary temple was once worshipped by Lord Brahma himself. Guruvayur temples are considered as one of the famous temples in Kerala.

Guruvayoor temple 2

The history of the Guruvayur Temple goes back to around 5,000 years back. It is said that it was constructed by a famous architect named Vishwakarman. Maha Vishnu is the main god of the temple. The idol is in the standing carriage with his four hands holding lotus, Sudarshana chakram, mace and Sankhu. In Consistent with the Sri Narada Purana Emperor Janemejaya who is the great grandson of Arjuna the hero of the Maharabharata worshiped lord Krishna at this temple and got cured of infection. The highlights of Guruvayur are Anakotta, Ekadasi, Chembai Sangeetholsavam.

Anakotta (Elephant Sanctuary)

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Anakotta (aka anathavalam) is a unique place here you can see a world of elephants of different sizes and natures. Some of the elephants are gentle and friendly, some of them are indifferent while a few are aggressive enough to be severely restricted by chains. This popular Elephant sanctuary is only a couple of kilometers from the temple town of Guruvayoor in Thrissur district. In the local dialect this sanctuary is called Punnathurkotta.

Guruvayur Ekadasi

Ekadasi, the eleventh day of a lunar fortnight, is of importance to the temple. Of the twenty-four Ekadasis a year, the Vrishchika Ekadasi is acknowledged most promising and auspicious festivals are held at the temple. An exceptional event is also held on the day to remember celebrate Guruvayur Kesavan, a delicate and friendly elephant, which was in the temple administration for an amazing long period.

Chembai Sangeetholsavam

Chembai Sangeetholsavam

Is an extremely popular Carnatic music celebration, it is formed for eleven long days. The music show is organized in the recognition of Chembai Vaidyanadha Bhagavathar. This Carnatic music show is likewise a part of the Ekadasi celebration.